20 November 2016


Camel Installation Project.
The project was invited 100 artists and communities to join in the campaign of their latest products. For this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with KAFI (Komunitas Action Figure Indonesia). They provide us two original size camel statue that will be painted with our works. This project was started in October 2016 and will last until January 2017. All the camel sculptures will be on display in various public spaces such as cafes, supermarkets and shopping malls. In the end, the public can give their vote to choose the winner for this project.
 Both are my artworks inspired by the Mexican Sugar Skull.
 Interview session along with Billy, Director of the Indonesian Action Figure Community.
#Camel #ideaCtive #Originals
My badboy at Alfamidi Gandaria. 

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16 November 2016

Bipolar Success Stories at Kebun Raya Bogor

On Sunday 13th November 2016, Community of Bipolar has invited me to attend a gathering entitled "Bipolar Success Stories" at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens). There, I told to the audience how I live my life as a person with bipolar disorder and be able to live a better life as it is now. In my opinion, the definition of success is quite extensive. Currently, I don't feel successful because I am still chasing a lot of dreams.

That's the beauty of sharing. I am happy to give them encouragement and inspiration. I also hope that people with mental disorders is able to work and be appreciated like others.

Yup, very good atmoshpere...
 Cheeerrrssss... :D

07 November 2016

My Doodle Artworks on Tokai Lighters November 2016

The wait is over!!!!
For the second time Tokai Company has been released my doodle artwork in the form of lighters.
The second series are packaged in different shape of lighter (Soulmatch Series), which is more slimmer, thinner, and fancy as much as 200.000 pieces to all over Indonesia.
They printed my 5 design (doodle series) into 5 pieces of lighters.
  Starting this November you can already grab them from various supermarkets all over Indonesia.
Such as Alfamidi, Bright, Farmers Market, Giant, Hero, and Superindo.
 Go grab them before soldout!!!
Doodle Series. Designed by @hanamadness