20 November 2018

TEDx Universitas Brawijaya with Hana Madness

Have you ever experienced madness? How does it feel? Maybe you hear a lot from psychiatrists or psychologists about what is mental-illness. Then what if you hear the perspective of madness from a mental-illnesses? Hana madness is a visual artist and mental health survivor. She is widely involved in mental health activism and works as a visual artist. Many of her works were created from collaborations with foreign artists. She is also known as one of the influential artists in her field. Hana Madness will tell you about the art of madness.

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In Chains Went to Germany

In Chains is my latest collaboration project with UK based artist and mental health activist the vacuum cleaner. This project raised a radical mental health community in Cianjur, West Java called Istana KSJ  into an 18-minute video.
After debuting for Festival Bebas Batas part of UK/ID Festival at The National Gallery of Indonesia last October, I had the opportunity to present this project at two different festivals in Germany.

is part of Utopia Film Festival which held in the city of Bremen, Germany on 29 October 2018. In there James aka "the vacuum cleaner" presented his old project entitled "Madlove" Designer of Asylum, followed by our presentation about In Chains. 
At least 90 tickets were sold out!
After Bremen, James and I flew to Munich. In there we performed at a large festival called "POLITIK IM FREIN THEATER"
 in a session called 
"Tender Provocations, The Art of a Culture of Hope" 
which was curated by James the vacuum cleaner & Jessica Huber, taken place at Kammerspiele Theater Munich, Germany on 2 & 3 November 2018.

James and I performed on the same stage with influential disability artists and activists from  UK & Europe such as Noemi Lakmaier, Katherine Araniello, Kim Noble, Jessica Hubber.
Before the show along with Noemi Lakmaier (Artist & Activist), Kim Noble (Artist), Mary Osborn (Artists' producer), Katherine Araniello (Artist & Activist).

18 October 2018

In Chains Hana Madness (ID) x the vacuumc cleaner (UK)

Hana Madness (ID) x the vacuum cleaner (UK)

In July 2018, artists and mental health activists Hana Madness (Indonesia) and the vacuum cleaner (UK) travelled to West Java, Indonesia to visit people who are and have been held in Pasung (held in chains due to their mental health). The artists will exhibit a new work that challenges and reframes perceptions of mental health in Indonesia, as part of the wider movement to #stoppasung
The project has been supported by the UK/ID Season 2016-18, which aims to develop and support relationships between Indonesian and UK artists. 
Festival Bebas Batas (which roughly translates as ‘free of boundaries’, or ‘unlimited’) will be Indonesia’s first festival of brilliant art by disabled people. The festival is the brainchild of a group of artists, curators and activists, including artist Hana Madness, who visited the Unlimited Festival in London in 2016 and was inspired to create a festival with the same spirit in Indonesia. (written by Mary Osborn)
Get yourself a chance to watch my latest video project with at Festival Bebas Batas 12-29 October at The National Gallery of Indonesia. See how a radical mental health community in Cianjur called Istana KSJ can survive in empowering people with mental disability.
More about my self and this collaboration project kindly visit

Festival Bebas Batas

Festival Bebas Batas (which roughly translates as ‘free of boundaries’, or ‘unlimited’) will be Indonesia’s first festival of brilliant art by disabled people.
The festival is the brainchild of a group of artists, curators and activists, including artist Hana Madness, who visited the Unlimited Festival in London in 2016 and was inspired to create a festival with the same spirit in Indonesia.
Taking place at the National Gallery in Jakarta on 12-29 October 2018, the festival is designed to complement the Asian Para Games, which will be held in Jakarta, also in October.
The festival is a collaboration between Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Art Brut Collective, and British Council Indonesia.
That's me, when I gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the Festival Bebas Batas. I conveyed how I feel proud because this Festival can be realized in Indonesia and also will be a new history of Arts & Disability in Indonesia.
Along with Director of NoMa Museum Japan, Director of the British Council Indonesia, Art Director of The Ministry National and Culture of Indonesia, and The Curator of Festival Bebas Batas.
In front of my new set of painting called "Emotionally Unstable Family"
Got a chance to meet Director General of the Ministry National Education and Culture of Indonesia, Bapak Hilmar Farid.

08 October 2018

100% Manusia Film Festival (100% Human Film Festival)

It such an honor for me to be able to design a poster for 100% Human Festival 2018. This festival is very interesting for me personally because it raises humanitarian issues such as Gender, HIV AIDS, Disability, and more... 
They have lots of interesting films that are screened in places in Jakarta from 14 to 23 September 2018.

For more info kindly visit...
Me along with Ananda Sukarlan as a festival ambassador, the director of the festival also the director of Pavilliun 28 during the press conference and official opening on 10 September 2018 at Institut Français d'Indonésie.

Disability Talk and Discussion from Andien Aisyah's Newest Single Warna-warna

"Colors in the perspective of children with special needs" Discussion

Andien Aisyah
Hana Madness
Marthella Sirait
Art Therapy Center Widyatama

Wednesday, 5 September 2018
6 to 9 pm
at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, Kemang, South Jakarta
 During the discussion in the launching of ’s newest single “Warna-warna” which inspired by children with special needs. I shared the story on how to work with an artist with mental disability.
YAY! Thank you so much for those who came and gave me with so many brilliant questions. It was so fun!

Painting Workshop and Art Talk Road To Festival Bebas Batas

Sofar Sounds Jakarta collaborates with The British Council of Indonesia @idbritisharts at @kiosojokeos (2/9) which stars an art therapy with @hanamadness 

Also a discussion and Q & A with the speakers of this event which are:
• @hanamadness, Artist and one of the originators of the Festival Bebas Batas• @hasnna_ from @teatertujuh which is a theater for those with hearing disabilities
• @ramyaprajna, moderator and founder of @think.web
With all the participants of my painting workshop "Turning emotions into characters'

Pre Exhibition of Festival Bebas Batas

My friends, do you still remember with painting workshops that we have done in 5 different Mental Hospitals few months ago?

As we have promised, the results of their works have been officially opened and you can enjoy it at Terminal 3 Ultimate, Soekarno Hatta International Airport from August 30 to October 4 2018.

The exhibition titled "Aneka Rupa Lima RSJ" has become a pre-event exhibition of Festival Bebas Batas which will be held on October 12-29 2018 at the National Gallery of Indonesia.
The location is right in the departure lounge of Soekarno Hatta International Airport
I made a symbol of the opening exhibition
Along with the director of the ministry of education and culture, the director of Angkasapura, curator, and staff
with Mr. Director of the ministry national education and culture of Indonesia
Being interviewed by the media...
Enjoy! :D

Let's Talk About Mental Health @America

"Let’s Talk About Mental Health"

A safe haven for open dialog between experts and mentally challenged survivors with the public, about the importance of understanding mental health.

Harmoni Ezra S.Psi, CBC
Ayla Dimitri
Margaret Khoman M.Psi
Hana Madness
Dr. Jakoeb Ezra DBA DTh
Amanda Khairunnisa
Elizabeth Santosa M.Psi, SFP, ACC

18 Agustus 2018
10.30 - 15.30
@atamerica , Pacific Place
Central Jakarta
During the speech...
Along with Ayla Dimitri right after giving huge shoutouts of our journey in mental health! Thanks to Ubah Stigma Organisation for making some noise and raising up awareness about this issue. This is not only about me, but also for the family and those who are still struggling!
Thank you so much, It was a pleasure for me to be able to share my struggle journey of art and mental health and I hope it can inspire people to start to do something about this issue!

To watch the video, Get the link here :)