18 May 2017

Indonesian Art Brut Exhibition at Ministry of National Education and Culture of Indonesia

Paintings Exhibition & Discussions
"Pioneered Indonesian Art Brut Network" 
supported by Ministry of National Education and Culture of Indonesia
From 17th - 21st May 2017
At Plaza Insan Berprestasi, Ministry of National Education and Culture of Indonesia

Artist lineup:
 Anfield Wibowo - Dwi Putro - Hana Madness
Gary Harlan - Kezia Sibuea - Ramadhika Asra
Ezra Hafis Dipo - Emilio Cornain - Calliandra Alexa

Hana Madness (Artist)
Nova Riyanti Yusuf (Psychiatrist
Sudjud Dartanto (Curator)
Taufik Rahzen (Cultural observer)

Here they are, some of my paintings...
50 cm x 50 cm
Acrylic on canvas
 "In a Good Mood"
100 cm x 60 cm 
Acrylic on canvas 
 "Euforia" and "Manic Depressive"
100 cm x 100 cm 
Acrylic on canvas
Discussion session along with three other speakers.
 My capacity in there is to share my journey as the Indonesian Delegation for Unlimited Art & Disability Festival at Southbank London last year.
Being interviewed by CNN News.
 Me, in front of my paintings from opening exhibition.
I feel so thankful for all kind of support and appreciation. 

WADEZIG x Hana Madness Horoscope T-Shirt Edition

Wadezig x Hana Madness
Horoscope Series 2017
It's already came out peeps!
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I'm wearing my t-shirt design :D

20 April 2017

Mental Health Education With Hana Madness Presented by UIN Jakarta

CIMSA Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah proudly present
"MELTED" Mental Health Education
Hana Madness (Artist and Bipolar Survivor)
Dr. Isa SpKJ (Lecturer and Psychiatrist)
March 18th 2017 at Auditorium FKIK UIN Jakarta
Has been invited as a speaker on MELTED (Mental Health Education) presented by Faculty of Medical Sciences UIN Syarif Hidayatullah on last Tuesday.
Had a great opportunity to share my journey as a person with mental disability along with Dr. Isa SpKj from Grogol Mental Hospital. 
(Certificate of apreciation)
Took a picture along with medical sciences students. :D

27 March 2017

Tangerang Street Art Festival 2

"Tangerang Street Art Festival 2"
Local Pride
1. Friday, March 24 2017 (08.00 am till drop!)
@ Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi Tangerang
2. Saturday, March 25 2017 (08.00 am till drop!)
@ Semanggi Center Cikokol
3. Sunday, March 26 2017 (10.00 am till drop!)
@ Semanggi Center Cikokol

Hana Madness | Gardu House | Dhigel | Pickwick

Bonger | Cemprut | Gems | Genc | Morden | Morp | Naca | Nide | Nobitch | Palang Pintu Squad | Rorz | Sandrax5 | Send7 | Smok | Stmy | The Ramons | The Woa | Uhkz | Warok | Wengweng

Akid One

Dhian S



Jinggam | Paypaypow



Jips | Xgo
This event was held in Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi, Tangerang-West Java in cooperation with the local government. The area is an area that is known to have a fairly high crime rate because the location in the bronx area which is quite close to Tangerang child prison.

The street art community in there has invited at least 30 street artists to beautify the city and change the image of a dark place into a valuable art.
Me along with the local hommies...
My sea monsta... :D

Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting With Hana Madness

Being interviewed with these two crazy boys (Bhaga and Dhani) for their Youtube channel program called "Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting". This event is a talk show that is packaged in a "jamu stalls" which located just beside the railroad tracks. They invited various speakers with different backgrounds in every episode and uploaded to their youtube channel "Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting". 
 So yeah, for this episode along with me as a speaker, the topic is not far from "art and mental health matters.

Here they are... :D
Make sure to subcribe their channel to get other interesting topics. Enjoy!

06 March 2017

Bekasi Warna Warni #12 at Bea Box Food Container

Graffiti Jammin' entittled Bekasi Warna Warni 12 has been held for the 12th time. For this year they invite me to get involved with another graffiti writers from various city. There are 40 writers from 9 cities in Indonesia. It was so funnnnn for sure!
Me and my antah-berantah monsta. :D

As a Speaker on World Bipolar Day 2017

For this year, I came back to give a voice about "how I live my life as a person with Bipolar Disorder" and also how my creativity growing up from that. I am so glad to know that the audiences was very enthusiastic. I met with some audiences who are willing to come from outside Jakarta just to meet with me. 
The shape of appreciation.
I also displaying my latest paintings there with another artworks who came from ODB (People With Bipolar Disorder).

02 March 2017

Working On Mural Project by A Mild

Last week, Im working on mural project by A Mild for their office challenges program. The design concept was requested by them. Quite simple, but yet still fun! 

20 November 2016


Camel Installation Project.
The project was invited 100 artists and communities to join in the campaign of their latest products. For this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with KAFI (Komunitas Action Figure Indonesia). They provide us two original size camel statue that will be painted with our works. This project was started in October 2016 and will last until January 2017. All the camel sculptures will be on display in various public spaces such as cafes, supermarkets and shopping malls. In the end, the public can give their vote to choose the winner for this project.
 Both are my artworks inspired by the Mexican Sugar Skull.
 Interview session along with Billy, Director of the Indonesian Action Figure Community.
#Camel #ideaCtive #Originals
My badboy at Alfamidi Gandaria. 

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16 November 2016

Bipolar Success Stories at Kebun Raya Bogor

On Sunday 13th November 2016, Community of Bipolar has invited me to attend a gathering entitled "Bipolar Success Stories" at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens). There, I told to the audience how I live my life as a person with bipolar disorder and be able to live a better life as it is now. In my opinion, the definition of success is quite extensive. Currently, I don't feel successful because I am still chasing a lot of dreams.

That's the beauty of sharing. I am happy to give them encouragement and inspiration. I also hope that people with mental disorders is able to work and be appreciated like others.

Yup, very good atmoshpere...
 Cheeerrrssss... :D