01 August 2018

ASYAAF & Hidden Artists Festival South Korea

I'll be representing Indonesia in ASYAAF Hidden Artists Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

ASYAAF Hidden Artists Festival is a festival for students and young artists. Will be held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from Tuesday, July 24th to Sunday, August 19th, 2018.

This year, works of 400 young artists under the age of 36 (ASYAAF) and artists over the age of 36 (Hidden Artists) will be displayed together, creating more variety in this festival.

Asian artists from Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, etc. will be up putting up their art for sale and SAM (Student Art Managers) will be on-site to assist potential buyers by providing consultations and description of artworks.

Here is the list of the artists:

Japan: Junichi Ikeda, Masaomi Kato, Yuko Mori, Sakamoto Tokuro, Mari Kawai
China- Hongzhe Ma
Taiwan: Kathy Liao, Dirty Paper, Yang Yi-Shiang, Wong Mei Yin, Yip Chun Kit
Hongkong: Chan Ka yee, Sui Ying Chan
India: Priyanka Govil, Mithra Kamalam, Manali Shroff
Indonesia: Hana Madness
Thailand: Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Philippines: Valerie Chua
Lebanon: Serge Najjar

Post Fest Exhibition "Celebrating Therapeutic Art Activities"

Post Fest 2018 proudly present...
"Celebrating Therapeutic Art Activities"

Painting exhibiton by Art Brut Indonesia artists
Hana Madness
Dwi Putro
Anfield Wibowo
Hadiprana Art School

21 July - 5 August 2018
at Gallery Cipta III, Taman Ismail Marzuki
Central Jakarta

Workshop at House of Empowerment (Rumah Berdaya) Bali

So, after spending 12 days in the UK, I took James and Mary as our producer to visit some areas in Indonesia such as Cianjur and Bali. From 19- 20 July 2018 we visited one of the institutions/organisatitions focusing on the empowerment of schizophrenic patients in Bali, named Rumah Berdaya. 
In there, James conducted his latest art project in the UK called "Mad Love" by inviting patients to imagine, writing, and drawing about how does comfortable mental hospital feel like from their point of view?
 James and I with all the participants.
Mary as a producer of our project, James, and I wearing merchandise t shirt by Rumah Berdaya Bali.

TWILOSAURUS Skate, Music, Art Exhibition

Board Wall Exhibition by Indonesia Collective Artist
Abenkalter, Bernie Barto, Bunga Fatia, Crack, Enjoy Johnny, Grinding Waste, 
Hana Madness, Hard13, Iannocent, Kamengski, Muklay, Phillipponk, Riza Lawless, Stereoflow, Sari Sartje, Sikcloze, Tutugraf, The Broy, The Popop, Unclejoy, Wormo, Wonderyash, and many more...

Saturday, 7 July 2018
at Bara Complex, Blok M-South Jakarta

14 June 2018

Feel Better You (Painting Workshop at Bethlem Gallery, London)

"Feel Better You"
A workshop delivered by UK/ID Collaborator, Hana Madness and James The Vacuum Cleaner. They will be doing fun things by making cards, images, texts and send them to mad people in Indonesia.

Thursday, June 28, 2018
from 2 pm to 4 pm
at Bethlem Gallery, London
Another activity I've done with my collaborator, James The Vacuum Cleaner for UK/ID project is by visiting Bedlam Gallery. Located within the area of Bedlam Royal Hospital  that became one of the oldest mental institutions in the world. It was founded by Christians in 1247 to shelter and care for homeless people, but gradually began to focus on those considered ‘mad’.

We did a workshop by bringing my postcards to be written and drawn by patients and visitors in there. We asked them to put positive messages to be given to all mental health survivors that James and I will meet in Cianjur, West Java. 
Some of the positive messages they have written on my postcards.
I took a picture with one of the patients who participated in our workshop. 
From all the messages we have collected, most came from his hands.

"Last Night Art Saved My Live" Art Talk hosted by LADA London

Last Night Art Saved My Life
Tuesday, June 26 2018
from 7 pm to 10 pm
at Live Art Development Agency, London

Featuring artists Selina Thompson, Lucy Hutson, Bobby Baker, Hana Madness (ID), Daniel Oliver, and The Vacuum Cleaner will present short provocations on their strategies for survival, sharing what they have found works, what doesn't and how things can be better.

This will be an informal and relaxed event and will include a practical session of creating "access and equality riders" for artists and audiences.

If you are around, go register your self at Last Night Art Saved My Life Tickets

A bit updates about the event...
So, during my visit to London in building an art project with UK based artist and mental health activist named James The Vacuum Cleaner, I got a chance to be one of the speakers in "Last Night Art Saved My Live". 

In there, I spoke about my background as an artist and the practices that I have done and what I currently doing now in relation with mental health in Indonesia.

This event has brought me to know more about how art and mental health are closely related. I thanks to James and LADA as the organizer of this event for having me and connecting me with so many briliant artists and activists who have the same focus on  mental disability.
 Me along with the speakers; Lucy Hutson, Selina Thompson, Daniel Oliver, Ria Hartley, also the one and only James The Vacuum Cleaner.

Painting Workshop at Bali Provincial Mental Hospital (Road To Festival Bebas Batas)

Here is our second destination after Solo. Bali Provincial Mental Hospital is the one and only mental hospital in Bali. Located in Bangli Village, around 30 km away from Denpasar.
Sorry guys, I can not give you much update at this moment. Because I've been preparing my upcoming project in London UK. Well, I promise I'll be back soon and can not wait to see you all at the first and the biggest Arts and Disability Festival in Indonesia on October 2018. 

12 May 2018

Painting Workshop with People of Asylum in Solo (Road to Festival Bebas Batas)

Here are some updates about our upcoming the biggest arts and disability festival in Indonesia.
Art Brut Indonesia supported by The Ministry National and Culture of Indonesia will hold a festival that raise about Arts and Disability on October 2018.
We will bring 80 paintings from 4 different asylum in Indonesia to be showcased in Soekarno Hatta Airport, Transjakarta Bus Station, and Jakarta's Railway Station.
Our first destination was RSJD Surakarta Dr. Arif Zainal. 
(Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital Dr Arif Zainal)
The workshop has been held for three days in a row involving at least 20 patients of the asylum.
Next stop is RSJD Bali.
Please, stay tuned for more update!

27 April 2018

One By One An Exhibition by Indonesian Talents

A collective exhibition by Indonesian talents
Opening exhibition Monday, April 30th 2018
5 pm to finish
at 2 Madison Gallery Jl. Bangka Raya No. 20, Kemang-Jakarta
Thankyou so much everyone for coming to the opening exhibition.
Dont forget to set aside your time for coming and take a look to my newest painting, it will last until June 1st 2018.

Mixed media on canvas
100 cm x 10 cm
See the description of this painting directly in the gallery. xD

Hana Madness on Opini by Kompas Tv

Opini with the topic "Fighting Bipolar With Art"
With special guest Hana Madness
Friday April 27th 2018 from10 to 11 am
I had an awesome interview by Opini by Kompas Tv. This program is hosted by Olga Lydia and Evan Sanders. Thankyou so much Kompas TV its been my 3rd time I got a chance to share my story. Also thanks to the hosts for digging me up deeply. xx

26 April 2018

Doodle Workshop With Hana Madness

KRESMA (Kreasi Mahasiswa) Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia present
Exhibition, Music Performances, Workshops, Bazaar

Doodle Workshop with Hana Madness
Mural Workshop with Grafis Huru Hara

Sunday, April 22nd 2018
At Rossi Music Fatmawati, Jakarta
How do you respond when you get invited as an artist of you ex-campus that you didn't even finish it off? LOL xD
Really had so much fun with 20 participants.
Thankyou for having me :)