12 May 2018

Painting Workshop with People of Asylum in Solo (Road to Festival Bebas Batas)

Here are some updates about our upcoming the biggest arts and disability festival in Indonesia.
Art Brut Indonesia supported by The Ministry National and Culture of Indonesia will be hold a festival that rised about Arts and Disability on October 2018.
We will bring 80 paintings from 4 different asylum in Indonesia to be showcased in Soekarno Hatta Airport, Transjakarta Bus Station, and Jakarta's Railway Station.
Our first destination was RSJD Surakarta Dr. Arif Zainal. 
(Surakarta Regional Mental Hospital Dr Arif Zainal)
The workshop has been held for three days in a row involving at least 20 patients of the asylum.
Next stop is RSJD Bali.
Please, stay tuned for more update!

27 April 2018

One By One An Exhibition by Indonesian Talents

A collective exhibition by Indonesian talents
Opening exhibition Monday, April 30th 2018
5 pm to finish
at 2 Madison Gallery Jl. Bangka Raya No. 20, Kemang-Jakarta
Thankyou so much everyone for coming to the opening exhibition.
Dont forget to set aside your time for coming and take a look to my newest painting, it will last until June 1st 2018.

Mixed media on canvas
100 cm x 10 cm
See the description of this painting directly in the gallery. xD

Hana Madness on Opini by Kompas Tv

Opini with the topic "Fighting Bipolar With Art"
With special guest Hana Madness
Friday April 27th 2018 from10 to 11 am
I had an awesome interview by Opini by Kompas Tv. This program is hosted by Olga Lydia and Evan Sanders. Thankyou so much Kompas TV its been my 3rd time I got a chance to share my story. Also thanks to the hosts for digging me up deeply. xx

26 April 2018

Doodle Workshop With Hana Madness

KRESMA (Kreasi Mahasiswa) Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia present
Exhibition, Music Performances, Workshops, Bazaar

Doodle Workshop with Hana Madness
Mural Workshop with Grafis Huru Hara

Sunday, April 22nd 2018
At Rossi Music Fatmawati, Jakarta
How do you respond when you get invited as an artist of you ex-campus that you didn't even finish it off? LOL xD
Really had so much fun with 20 participants.
Thankyou for having me :)

Celebrating Kartinis's Day on I News RCTI

Another special invitation came from I News RCTI. It was such an honor to be able to discuss about the power of woman from my perspectives as an artist.
Happy Kartini's Day to every badass woman in Indonesia. ;)

Celebrating World Bipolar Day 2018 on TV ONE

I received an invitation from a television program on Tv One, named "Ayo Hidup Sehat". Coinciding with the celebration of World Bipolar Day 2018, I along with a psychiatrist from Dharmawangsa Hospital talked about Bipolar in different perspectives including about my artistic journey. 
Because everyone deserves to be loved, to be heard, to be seen in their own way

Artwork Commission for The Indonesian Psychiatrists Association

It such an honor for me to get a chance from Indonesian Psychiatrists Association (Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kedokteran Jiwa Indonesia) in making their mascot doll design. Their named it HAGI. This design originally made by me and it will turn into life-size mascot doll. 
They will release this design to the public on 20th March 2018.

Design philosophy; 
Hagi can be interpreted as someone who are huggable. Taken from the word "hug" in english which means hugging or embracing. The idea of creating the design is quite simple for me. 
Psychiatrist are present in the community to serve and embrace anyone who needs help. Hagi character was created to look funny and friendly to anyone. 
The heart-shaped face is a symbol of psychiatrists who always served the community with love. 
For the combination of green and white colors I used is a reflection of the two colors contained in the PDSKJI logo.

The Mascot Launch Event
Finally after a long-wait, on march 21st PDSKJI have released their mascot that I've made.
This was taken place in Puri Denpasar Hotel Kuningan, Jakarta. In there, I became a speaker as the creator behind the mascot. I spoke about all the ideas and our vision why this mascot will be very important to all the people with mental condition.  

We named it Hagi. Hagi is a symbol of hug, help and solve the puzzle for everyone with mental condition.
Along with some members of Indonesian Psychiatrist Association.

I am so happy can be a part of this campaign. Eventhough the mascot shape is not eexactly the same as the design I've made, but still excited to see it in a real-size. Well done! :)

12 March 2018

Differences Unite Concert and Painting Exhibition

Resital Piano by Ananda Sukarlan 
Painting Exhibition by Art Brut Indonesia Foundation 
Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih
Monday, 5 March 2018
from 10 am to 10 pm
at Ballroom JS Luwansa Hotel, Kuningan-Jakarta
Press conference with local and international media before the show.
I represented an artist also founder of Art Brut Indonesia Foundation.
They put my latest painting right next to the stage :)
This is my latest painting that I brought to the event,
"Beautiful Chaos"
Acrylic on canvas
I thanks to all those people who have been supporting and appreciating my works!

11 February 2018

LOVE NEVER FAILS by Art Brut Indonesia

Painting exhibition by Art Brut Indonesia 
Charity Bazaar for Art Brut Indonesia Foundation

February 9 - 24 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm
at Hadiprana Gallery Jl. Kemang Raya No. 30 South Jakarta

Fashion Show by Batik Nyonya, Salaga, Tije, Yours & Culture Edge
Fashion Jewelry by Hadiprana Jewelry, Ella & Glow, JennyJ, Lady Pearl, Clayze, Jahawastra
At our opening ceremony, we showcasing a fashion show by indonesian designer.
Ibu Puri Hadiprana, Ananda Sukarlan, Hana Madness along with other Outsider Artists.
Sikofamily, 2017, Mixed media on canvas.
A Thousand Feelings, 2017, Mixed media on canvas.
In front of my new piece of painting “Catching The Rainbow” 120 cm x 120 cm, Mixed media on canvas. I proud to my self because it only took about 3 days to finish during my depressive episode. Sometimes all you need to do is push your limit! 

Anyway, my paintings will hanging there until February 23 at Hadiprana Gallery along with other artists. Lets come and take a look!

Ps: Every 20% of purchase will be donated to develop our foundation (Art Brut Indonesia Foundation). So give us your support!

Saturday, 17 February 2018
from 2 pm - 5 pm
at Hadiprana Gallery Jl. Kemang Raya 30 Jakarta

Special performance by "EMPIRE"

Ananda Sukarlan (Composer, Pianist)
Hana Madness (Visual Artist, Activist)
Nawa Tunggal (Journalist, Activist)
Timotius Suwarsito (Art Teacher)
Mardonius (Caregiver)

RSVP: Erna (0816 1470 974)