27 March 2017

Tangerang Street Art Festival 2

"Tangerang Street Art Festival 2"
Local Pride
1. Friday, March 24 2017 (08.00 am till drop!)
@ Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi Tangerang
2. Saturday, March 25 2017 (08.00 am till drop!)
@ Semanggi Center Cikokol
3. Sunday, March 26 2017 (10.00 am till drop!)
@ Semanggi Center Cikokol

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This event was held in Kelurahan Tanah Tinggi, Tangerang-West Java in cooperation with the local government. The area is an area that is known to have a fairly high crime rate because the location in the bronx area which is quite close to Tangerang child prison.

The street art community in there has invited at least 30 street artists to beautify the city and change the image of a dark place into a valuable art.
Me along with the local hommies...
My sea monsta... :D

Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting With Hana Madness

Being interviewed with these two crazy boys (Bhaga and Dhani) for their Youtube channel program called "Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting". This event is a talk show that is packaged in a "jamu stalls" which located just beside the railroad tracks. They invited various speakers with different backgrounds in every episode and uploaded to their youtube channel "Paguyuban Pamitnya Meeting". 
 So yeah, for this episode along with me as a speaker, the topic is not far from "art and mental health matters.

Here they are... :D
Make sure to subcribe their channel to get other interesting topics. Enjoy!

06 March 2017

Bekasi Warna Warni #12 at Bea Box Food Container

Graffiti Jammin' entittled Bekasi Warna Warni 12 has been held for the 12th time. For this year they invite me to get involved with another graffiti writers from various city. There are 40 writers from 9 cities in Indonesia. It was so funnnnn for sure!
Me and my antah-berantah monsta. :D

As a Speaker on World Bipolar Day 2017

For this year, I came back to give a voice about "how I live my life as a person with Bipolar Disorder" and also how my creativity growing up from that. I am so glad to know that the audiences was very enthusiastic. I met with some audiences who are willing to come from outside Jakarta just to meet with me. 
The shape of appreciation.
I also displaying my latest paintings there with another artworks who came from ODB (People With Bipolar Disorder).

02 March 2017

Working On Mural Project by A Mild

Last week, Im working on mural project by A Mild for their office challenges program. The design concept was requested by them. Quite simple, but yet still fun! 

20 November 2016


Camel Installation Project.
The project was invited 100 artists and communities to join in the campaign of their latest products. For this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with KAFI (Komunitas Action Figure Indonesia). They provide us two original size camel statue that will be painted with our works. This project was started in October 2016 and will last until January 2017. All the camel sculptures will be on display in various public spaces such as cafes, supermarkets and shopping malls. In the end, the public can give their vote to choose the winner for this project.
 Both are my artworks inspired by the Mexican Sugar Skull.
 Interview session along with Billy, Director of the Indonesian Action Figure Community.
#Camel #ideaCtive #Originals
My badboy at Alfamidi Gandaria. 

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16 November 2016

Bipolar Success Stories at Kebun Raya Bogor

On Sunday 13th November 2016, Community of Bipolar has invited me to attend a gathering entitled "Bipolar Success Stories" at Kebun Raya Bogor (Bogor Botanical Gardens). There, I told to the audience how I live my life as a person with bipolar disorder and be able to live a better life as it is now. In my opinion, the definition of success is quite extensive. Currently, I don't feel successful because I am still chasing a lot of dreams.

That's the beauty of sharing. I am happy to give them encouragement and inspiration. I also hope that people with mental disorders is able to work and be appreciated like others.

Yup, very good atmoshpere...
 Cheeerrrssss... :D

07 November 2016

My Doodle Artworks on Tokai Lighters November 2016

The wait is over!!!!
For the second time Tokai Company has been released my doodle artwork in the form of lighters.
The second series are packaged in different shape of lighter (Soulmatch Series), which is more slimmer, thinner, and fancy as much as 200.000 pieces to all over Indonesia.
They printed my 5 design (doodle series) into 5 pieces of lighters.
  Starting this November you can already grab them from various supermarkets all over Indonesia.
Such as Alfamidi, Bright, Farmers Market, Giant, Hero, and Superindo.
 Go grab them before soldout!!!
Doodle Series. Designed by @hanamadness

25 October 2016

ART BRUT ID in GAC Art Festival at Ciputra Art Preneur Gallery

Those are our paintings.

Pameran yang diselenggarakan di Ciputra Art Preneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan - Jakarta pada tanggal 22-23 Oktober kemarin, bekerjasama dengan GAC Art Festival. Saya dan 2 seniman "outsider art" lainnya, yakni Pakwi 50 tahun, seorang pengidap skizofrenia akut yang telah menjadikan seni sebagai terapi kejiwaannya dan berhasil mendapatkan rekor MURI dalam melukis wayang terpanjang se-Indonesia. Serta Anfield Wibowo, 11 tahun. Seorang anak yang menderita tuna rungu dan telah beberapa kali menggelar pameran tunggal di Jakarta. 

Art brut di Indonesia memang masih terdengar asing, namun di dunia internasional art brut sudah lama dikenal. Aliran seni ini diperkenalkan oleh Adolf Wolfli (1864-1930) yang menjadi pasien tetap sebuah rumah sakit jiwa sejak 1899. Ia mulai melukis dan membuat tulisan-tulisan hingga mencapai 25 ribu lembar catatan dan 1.600 lembar lukisan ilustratif. Karya-karyanya kemudian ditemukan oleh seniman Perancis bernama Jean Dubuffet pada tahun 1945, dan ia menyebutnya art brut, yakni karya seni yang diciptakan penyandang gangguan mental. Art brut sendiri berasal dari Bahasa Prancis yang artinya rough art (seni kasar) atau raw art (seni mentah), yaitu seni yang tak terbatas pada konvensi-konvensi artistik. Kami tidak peduli dengan batas-batas komposisi,  maupun proposisi. Karya tersebut kebanyakan datang dari mereka para penyandang disabilitas fisik maupun mental. 

Saya merasa Indonesia butuh sekali festival kesenian yang mengangkat isu kaum minoritas, untuk memberikan mereka apresiasi di bidang seni dan juga menjadi kritik bagi pemerintah untuk bisa memberdayakan mereka dalam segi apapun.

Di Swiss sendiri, pemerintah memberikan ruang bagi Art Brut. Mereka menyediakan galeri khusus Art Brut yang dikelola sangat baik dengan disiplin-displin ilmu dan teknologi.

Kami bertiga mewakili Art Brut atau Outsider Art mencoba menyebarluaskan isu tersebut dengan mengikuti pameran-pameran agar masyarakat luas semakin mengenal apa itu Art Brut.

Harapan saya adalah agar kami dapat hidup mandiri tanpa stigma apapun. Mengubah pandangan masyarakat dari "kekurangan" menjadi sesuatu yang dihasilkan, yaitu karya seni.
Some of my paintings.
 Cheersssss... :D
Our exhibition held in Ciputra Art preneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan - Jakarta on October 22-23 2016. Cooperated with GAC Art Festival. Me and another two "Outsider Artists"named Pakwi 50 years old man with schizophrenia who have made art as a mental therapy and has been painting 1000 puppets and obtain a record of MURI (Museum Record Indonesia). As also Anfield Wibowo, 11 years old deaf boy who has been painting since he was 3 year and several times held a solo exhibition in Jakarta.

Art Brut in Indonesia doesnt sound familiar, but in the international Art Brut has long been recognized. This art form was introduced by Adolf Wolfli (1864-1930) who became a patient remains a mental hospital since 1899. He began to paint and make the writings of up to 25 thousand pages of notes and 1,600 pieces of painting illustrative. His works were later found by a French artist named Jean Dubuffet in 1945, and he called Art Brut, the works of art created by people with mental disorders. Art Brut itself comes from the French meaning rough art or raw art. The art that is not limited to the artistic conventions, not concerned with the limits of composition and also propositions. The work has mostly come from those persons with physical or mental disabilities.

In Switzerland, the government provides space for Art Brut. They provide a special gallery that managed very well with self-discipline and technological disciplines.

We want to represent Art Brut or Outsider Art in Indonesia for trying to disseminate these issues by following the exhibitions so the public will know about the history of Art Brut. Because Indonesia really needs the art festival which raised the issue of minorities, to give them an appreciation in art sector and also can be a criticism of the goverment in helping to empower them.

I wish we can live independently without any stigma. Change society's view from a "shortage" into something that is produced, which is the work of art.
 The story about the exhibition is up on Kompas Newspaper 3 days in a row.
On Monday (24/10).
Tuesday (25/10.
Thursday edition (27/10).