20 December 2017

Visual Communication Design Seminar by UPN Veteran Surabaya

Visual Communication Design University of Pembangunan National Veteran Surabaya proudly present
16-17 December 2017
at Craft Center Royal Plaza, Surabaya

Special talkshow with Hana Madness

Me with all the team. Thankyou so much for having me. You guys're so koolll!!!

Art Brut Exhibition & Discussion in Collaboration with NO-MA Museum Japan

Bentara Budaya in collaboration with NO-MA Borderless Art Museum Japan present

Timotius Suwarsito (Disability Activist)
Ms Tabata Kazue (NO-MA Museum)
Chitaru Kawasaki
Nawa Tunggal (Indonesian Art Brut Foundation)

Moderator: Dwi Marianto

With Indonesian Art Brut Artists:
Dwi Putro
 Hana Madness
Anfield Wibowo 

Saturday, 9 December 2017 
14.00 pm
at Bentara Budaya Gallery Jakarta

Hana Madness for Indonesia Broclamation Supported by U Mild

U Mild present
25-26 October 2017
at One Bell Park Mall Cilandak - South Jakarta

Come and support the local artists by purchasing their products!

Hana Madness on NewLine Program by Metro Tv

Got a chance for a hundred times recounting my career as an artist who is very vocal on mental health issues. Big thanks to NewsLine Metro Tv!

07 December 2017

Hana Madness for Artotel Week x GG Urban Art Talk and Exhibition

GG Urban presents "Artotel Week"
Curated by Safrie Effendi

Art Exhibition, Art Talks & Workshops by
Artotel Studio | Arris Aprillo | Arya Mularama | Atreyu Moniaga | Bernie Barto | Bunga Fatia | Cherry Virginia | Dhado Wacky | Hana Madness | Hari Prast | Mahendra Nazar | Muklay | Tomodachi Studio

Music by
Bitzmika | Pijar | Peonies | Silampukau x The Hydrant | Tokyolite | Wangi Gitaswara | Witch Motor-Inn
Me in front of my paintings installation
Art talks along with Me and Chief Editor of vemale.com
 T shirt collaboration between Legiteamate_ x Hana Madness for auction. All profit proceeds to carity.
You can go find those articles on www.detik.com
And also grab them here www.vemale.com

So yeah it's a wrap!!!! 
12 Artist; 4 days of exhibition, art talks, workshops, and music. 
What a great experiences, meeting and learning new things from other art makers.
Thankyou so much Artotel Jakarta for having me, I feel so honored to get this chance!

09 October 2017

Hana Madness for UK/ID Fest 2017 (Jakarta Unlimited Arts and Disability)

The UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and
educational opportunities British Council in Indonesia holds the second UK/ID Festival
2017 with theme “Come Together” that will run from 17-22 October at The
Establishment, SCBD, Jakarta.

The festival will involve 32 arts organisations and artists from Indonesia and 22 artists
from UK. The theme “Come Together” represents the value of talking and listening to the
people who are different from us, as well as celebrating the vast human, cultural and
ecological diversity of both the UK and Indonesia and illustrating the creative potential
of disability.

“This festival is charged by the youthful spirit of the UK and Indonesia: a celebration of
the amazing things that can happen when talented people from very different origins
come together to share ideas and creativity” 
 So for this event, I am showing my paintings for the exhibition, and on Sunday October 22 I will run a workshop which will invite 10 people with mental disability to do painting together and also in the same day Im gonna give a speech in a panel discussion about Arts and Disability along with Adrian Yunan and Khairani Barokka.
  For UK/ID Festival schedule and details please visit
So guys, here is the update about my last event at UK/ID Festival 2017
Panel discussion or artist talk along with Me (visual artist), Adriyan Yunan (musician), and Khairani Barokka (artist, disability activist).
 Me in front of my painting artworks for UK/ID Festival 2017. There was another 3D painting artworks from other artist which aims to enable blind-people to enjoy visual artworks.
Art therapy worksop involving 10 participants with mental disability. 
It was beyond my expectations. So many people who came suddenly to following this project. Thankyou all for the excitement!
They were very excited and I was so happy to meeting them, knowing, and support to each other to build a wider network in arts and disability field.

I feel so grateful can inspire a lot of people with mental disability to start making art without fear of being different. Art is a weapon and art belongs to everyone! 
I believe, artists with disabilities will be able to get the same appreciation as artists in general. :)))))

Thank you so much British Council in Indonesia for having and again to allowing me to be a part of their program. Much love! #UK/ID