02 October 2017

Hana Madness For Micro Galleries Art Project

Over 50 artists from across Indonesia and around the world will paint, paste up, spray, install, perform, and project their art throughout the laneways, corners, and secret spots of this vibrant kampung, making a hidden labyrinth of open-air galleries.
 You can check the list of the artist at Micro Galleries 
 More updates...
 My stickers characters for the kiddos around Kampung Kecil.

Working on mural and got some helps to make it faster.
And voilaaaa...!
Me along with the local kids around Kampung Kecil Kebayoran Lama. So happy just because they were so excited with my characters.
  Me along with students from Muhammadiyah University Holding my stickers on their hands after had an interview about my mural concept also the event itself.
The kiddos holding my stickers characters which I gave to them for freeee!!!

Here I introduce you with the boss behind Micro Galleries, Kat Roma Greer, Australia based artist who living in Honkong.
Yaiy! Its a wrap guys! So excited to see the local community in Kampung Kecil giving my works such a big appreciation. I Thanks to Kat for having me to be apart of her amazing project "Micro Galleries". I look forward to make this happen again in real future!!!


  1. terbuka untuk umum gak kak? Baru tahu ternyata dekat dengan rumah lokasinya. Terima kasih

  2. Hi acara tersebut terbuka untuk umum. Banyak sekali loka karya yang bisa kamu ikuti sebetulnya. Programnya telah selesai untuk saat ini, namun kamu masih bisa melihat karya dari para seniman di Jl. Kebon Nanas 1 (letaknya berada di dalam gang)