26 April 2018

Artwork Commission for The Indonesian Psychiatrists Association

It such an honor for me to get a chance from Indonesian Psychiatrists Association (Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kedokteran Jiwa Indonesia) in making their mascot doll design. Their named it HAGI. This design originally made by me and it will turn into life-size mascot doll. 
They will release this design to the public on 20th March 2018.

Design philosophy; 
Hagi can be interpreted as someone who are huggable. Taken from the word "hug" in english which means hugging or embracing. The idea of creating the design is quite simple for me. 
Psychiatrist are present in the community to serve and embrace anyone who needs help. Hagi character was created to look funny and friendly to anyone. 
The heart-shaped face is a symbol of psychiatrists who always served the community with love. 
For the combination of green and white colors I used is a reflection of the two colors contained in the PDSKJI logo.

The Mascot Launch Event
Finally after a long-wait, on march 21st PDSKJI have released their mascot that I've made.
This was taken place in Puri Denpasar Hotel Kuningan, Jakarta. In there, I became a speaker as the creator behind the mascot. I spoke about all the ideas and our vision why this mascot will be very important to all the people with mental condition.  

We named it Hagi. Hagi is a symbol of hug, help and solve the puzzle for everyone with mental condition.
Along with some members of Indonesian Psychiatrist Association.

I am so happy can be a part of this campaign. Eventhough the mascot shape is not eexactly the same as the design I've made, but still excited to see it in a real-size. Well done! :)

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