14 June 2018

Feel Better You (Painting Workshop at Bethlem Gallery, London)

"Feel Better You"
A workshop delivered by UK/ID Collaborator, Hana Madness and James The Vacuum Cleaner. They will be doing fun things by making cards, images, texts and send them to mad people in Indonesia.

Thursday, June 28, 2018
from 2 pm to 4 pm
at Bethlem Gallery, London
Another activity I've done with my collaborator, James The Vacuum Cleaner for UK/ID project is by visiting Bedlam Gallery. Located within the area of Bedlam Royal Hospital  that became one of the oldest mental institutions in the world. It was founded by Christians in 1247 to shelter and care for homeless people, but gradually began to focus on those considered ‘mad’.

We did a workshop by bringing my postcards to be written and drawn by patients and visitors in there. We asked them to put positive messages to be given to all mental health survivors that James and I will meet in Cianjur, West Java. 
Some of the positive messages they have written on my postcards.
I took a picture with one of the patients who participated in our workshop. 
From all the messages we have collected, most came from his hands.

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